“Little Lisbon loses patience with Portugal’s left”

Paul Ames visitou Thetford para descobrir o que os portugueses acham sobre o (novo) governo  socialista. A maioria não esta contente, diz-nos Politico.eu:

THETFORD, England — In the anti-austerity iconography of Portugal’s new left-wing rulers there are few symbols more potent than the wave of emigrants forced to abandon their homeland by poverty and unemployment during four years of government of the right.

The left made emigration a major issue in the October 4 election which — after eight messy weeks — led to the Socialist Party forming a minority government, backed by the Communist Party and the radical Left Bloc.

New Prime Minister António Costa wants to roll back austerity and boost the domestic economy to encourage migrants to return, but his plans weren’t generating much enthusiasm on a chill winter’s morning in East Anglia’s “Little Lisbon.”“Costa’s not the right person, I don’t think they’re up to running the country,” says Carla Perdiz, serving up custard tarts and shots of strong, black coffee in Thetford’s O Cabaz cafe. “The old government should have been allowed to finish its work.”

Britain outpaces Switzerland and Germany as the preferred destination for the more than 500,000 Portuguese estimated to have left their homeland since 2010.

Leia na íntegra aqui:




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