Perfil da Catarina Martins na imprensa belga

Paul Ames traça o perfil da Catarina Martins para o jornal belga

In a Europe embroiled in political upheaval, Portugal looked like a haven of two-party business as usual … until Catarina Martins came along. The 42-year-old actress with a penchant for jeans and red blouses has shaken up a Lisbon political scene dominated by men in suits. She led her radical Left Bloc party to third place in the elections in October with a record number of lawmakers.

The only female leading a major party, Martins took Portugal’s far-left to the brink of sharing power for the first time since the mid-’70s when a revolution ended four decades of rightist dictatorship. “They are mostly men with the same background and same way of thinking,” she says of Portugal’s political class. “Politicians need to speak about things that people understand, in a language they understand.”

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